Marcy R. Edelstein

In the 30 plus years that I have been an artist my work has explored a wide range of media and undergone a long series of transformations. I have moved from a fundamentally abstract language that derives from nature, to a more literal visual language that steals from nature to create a reality of transformation.

Underlying that process is my long-standing interest in biology, natural history and evolutionary theory. I have been simultaneously fascinated, alarmed and awed to witness the advances in science over my lifetime and how how radically they have adjusted our relationship to nature.

That relationship is the primary subject and inspiration for my work. Through superimposition and juxtaposition of images in the recent digital pieces, I have explored the complex interrelationships of organisms, their co-evolution, and how they are shaped by their environment. In my earlier sculpture and work on paper my objective was to wed biomorphic and mechanical or architectural characteristics within a single form, creating objects which strike a chord of familiarity within the viewer and have a convincing physical presence while remaining unnameable. These are forms that undergo a transformation from plant to animal, insect to fish, from animate to inanimate...which extends across their length or radiates out from their center.